Aftermarket Window Cranks

It finally happened. My driver`s side window crank broke. Well, the arm didn`t break, the knob on the end did.

A moment of silence, please.

::a moment::

Ok, so now I get to decide what kind of cranks to replace them with! I could scrounge up another original one. That wouldn`t be so bad, they lasted 30 years! But if they have already reached the end of their lives, I may only get 30 days.

There are a few eBay sellers with cool looking aftermarket ones. These looked really cool and unique, so I ordered them. $17.50 total shipped for the pair.

Look cool? I thought so! They even have a big VW logo!

But getting them home and looking at them closely revealed some serious quality issues.

  • Soft Plastic: The black plastic on the arm is *really* soft. It`s held by just one small tab into a poorly cut out hole in the metal arm. Pushing the tab out from the back (to access the screw hole) deformed the tab. I have doubts about how long that tab will hold.

  • Poor Casting: As mentioned above, the rectangular hole for the plastic tab is poorly cut. It looks like my 4 year old drilled it out with a cheap drill.

  • Crappy Knob: the knob is actually 3 pieces of plastic. The bottom where the steel pin goes through the arm end, the vertical side, and the top. They`re all made of thin plastic that is already cracking in places.

As you can see, the quality is just poor all around. But the damn things LOOK so NICE!


Though I know I`ll have to replace them soon, they really do look good on the bus.

Maybe I`ll just have to tell my passengers, "Take it easy on that window crank!"

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