What a difference 5 minutes make!

Something you never think about until it breaks is the clutch. Right?
I mean, as long as you can push your left foot down and move the gears
around, it's all good, right?

Lately the Guac's been getting trickier about getting into gears,
especially 3rd. And in reverse the thing was bucking like a rodeo
bull. I realized the cable had stretched some over the past few years,
but it was so gradual I didn't notice. Clutch disengagement didn't
happen until the last inch of pedal throw!

So yesterday I grabbed some vise grips and crawled underneath. I
tightened the cable to 1/2" play at the pedal. Holy smokes! The clutch
kicks in way up at the top of the pedal throw! And it shifts smooth as
butter again, and backing up is a total non-event, as it should be.

I send this as a reminder that it's easy to forget things like this,
but for 5 minutes of effort I fixed a whole slew of annoyances.


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